Understanding the Law of Attraction

Hello there and welcome. I’m Bob Proctor. Did you know in 2006 when
The Secret hit the street,it went all over the world. A half of billion people
have been impactedby that movie and the book. Rhonda Byrne made up her mind,she wanted to change a billion lives. Well, she’s well on her way to doing that. A half of billion that we know ofhave been impacted by The Secret. And the base of The Secret,and the essence behind The Secret,was the Law of Attraction. After The Secret come out,there was books written
on the Law of Attraction. People were speaking on
the Law of Attractionas if it had never been heard of before. But the law of attraction
goes a long ways back. Do you know Andrew Carnegie
talked about the law ofattraction in 1908, when he
was mentoring Napoleon Hill?I started to study this
information in 1961. 25 years later, I wrote the
book You Were Born Rich,you can go on to our site,
go to proctorgallagher. comand you can download this bookfor absolutely nothing,
we don’t charge anything. I want everybody to
understand this information. But on page 109 in that bookwas The Law of Vibration and Attraction. You see, vibration and
attraction go together. Attraction is a secondary law. Vibration is a primary law. Everything vibrates. The Law of Vibration
decrees that nothing rests,everything moves. We literally live in an ocean of motion. So, over the next 30 or 40 minutes,I’m going to go through what I understandabout the Law of Attraction. It has changed my life like night and day,and I believe it’ll change yours. A lot of people that are talking
about the Law of Attractiondon’t understand it in any depth. They may have a shallow
understanding of it,but I think you wanna
know it and know it well. Well, I’ve been studying
it for a long, long time,and I have found that
understanding this lawwill definitely change your life. And, by the way, you can
go and download the book,cost you nothing,just go to our site and
download You Were Born Richbecause the truth is you were born rich. Most people are just a
little short of money,but we all have deep reservoirsof talented ability within us. The Proctor Gallagher Institute
is all over the world. You see my globe here,
it just keeps moving. Well, we do too. And we have people that
represent our companyall over the world. You see, it was way back in 1961that I actually started to study then. That was 55 years ago. And I’ve never stopped studying it. I have found this information
to be absolutely fascinating. Now, over the next 30 minutes, I’m
gonna ask you to really think. And why should you?Because you can have
virtually anything you want. Now, before we get into the
Law of Attraction in any depth,I want you to stop and thinkabout the goals that you’re working on. See, most people are
involved in A-Type Goals. A-Type Goals are going
after what you alreadyknow how to do. Go out and see a person
say they’ve got a goalto get a new car. Well, you might ask them:
have you ever had a new car?Oh yeah, I’ve had two or three of them. See they’ve known for a long
time how to get a new car. That is not a goal. That may be something that you want to do,and they certainly should
if that’s what they want. A goal is something that we setthat’s gonna draw the best out of us. Goals are not to get,
that’s a side benfit. Goals are to grow. Well generally if a person
graduates form goingafter what they know how to do,they go after what they think they can do. I call that a B-Type Goal. Now, doing what you think you can do,there’s no inspiration in it,
there’s no real growth to it. It’s sort of a little
game of manipulation. If she does this, if he does
that, if I can get this,then I could reach this goal. I want you to really understand this law. And when you understand it,you’re gonna start to operateon a totally different vibration. You’re going to move
into a whole new world. You’re gonna start stretching,and that’s what you really wanna do. You see, you are God’s highest form of creation. You have been dealt with mental toolsthat enable you to create. That’s the C-Type Goal, the creative goal. This is going after what you really want. You don’t know how to get it,but you know you’re going to get it. Now, stop and think in history. The Wright Brothers
didn’t know how to get it,the plane in the ground. But they knew they were
gonna get it in the ground. Ed Hillary did not knowhow he was going to get to
the top of the mountain,but he knew he was going
to the top of the mountain. What do you really want?Now think. Just come on with me and
daydream for a few minutes. And then I’m going to
show you some of the rulesthat you can follow. Stop and think of this. Do you think Steve Jobs
knew how to do thisbefore he did it? No. He couldn’t tell you how he
did this until after he did it. And that’s the same with anything in life. People that have done great workdidn’t know how they were gonna do it. Roger Bannister didn’t know
how to run the four-minute mileuntil after he had run a four-minute mile. And you know, the strange
think about it within monthssomebody else was running
a four-minute mile,and I believe now we’re
running the Boston Marathonin under a five-minute mile. So, pretty soon, they’ll be doing thatin a four-minute mile. What do you really want?I want you to think about the dream home. I was talking to a young
lady in our company, Lisa,and she was telling me, I said,”Lisa, what do you really want?”And she was telling me about a home. She started to describe it. I said, “Go after it, Lisa, go after it. “How about the trip you wanna take,or maybe the business you wanna build. You see, I remember my
brother-in-law and sister,in their early 50s, he had
built a safety supply companyfor three other people. He had run them and built
them, but it was a job. And an opportunity come up to buya small safety supply
company, he was very nervous. He was in his early 50s. But you know, they hocked their
house, they borrowed money,they took everything they hadand plowed it into this company. Today, they’re multi-millionaires. They’re virtually retired,
they still work at it,but their son and grandsons
run that business. And it’s grown into a
beautifully big business. It would never happened,if they hadn’t followed their dream. I want you to follow yours. Understand this:if you can see it, you don’t
have to know how to get it. Your life will change. Just see you’re a whole lot morethan what you appear to be on the surface. Now, that would be a photograph of youif it was taken with a Kirlian camera. Semyon Kirlian perfected
a form of photographywhere he photographs the body,and you look so much differentthan just in regular light. You’re so much more than you appear to beor even think you are. You already have within
all that’s requiredto attract, literally,you already have withinall that’s required to attractwhatever you want into your life. Now, I want you to think of
this before we go any further. There’s only two sources
of references to go toto find out anything about yourself. One’s science, and the other’s theology. Both of them clearly indicatenothing is created or destroyed. If nothing’s created or destroyed,then everything’s already here,if not in one state, then another. Here is a plastic bottle full of water. The plastic used to be oil. The water used to be air, ether, or gas. I could take, and I’d boil that water,and it would go right back
to where it came from. Now, think about that for a moment. The water, the bottle, and my bodyare all made from the
same thing: it’s energy. My body is energy. Hold your hand in front
of you and look at it. Do you know that hand is changingat the rate of millions
of cells per second?Just like that (snaps
fingers), it’s changing. How is yours changing?You cast off millions of cells,40, 50 million cells per second,and you recreate more. Do you know that we can
create the life we want?We can put ourselfinto the vibration that we have to be into attract what we want to attract. Think of this. If I hitmy phone hits send,and I had your number on it,
like that,the message would be on your phone. How’s that happening?It’s happening through vibration. That’s really how it’s happening. Well, do you know,our whole world operates that way. It’s so phenomenal. I’ve put this together,this is sort of an overview
of what I’m gonna do. I think it’s kind of cute,and I put it together for you. I want you to keep your eye on the ball. Keep your eye on the ball. Understand this. You’re dealing with the mind. Nobody’s ever seen the mind. No one has ever seen the mind. The mind and the Law of
Vibration are two things. When you start to understand them,everything starts to improve. When you really understand them,you take control of your life. You’ve been given the ability to do that,all you have to do is learn how. And I’m gonna show you how
here in the next 30 minutes. Let that drawing, that
circle, represent your mind. There’s two parts to it, you notice that?There’s a horizontal line
right through the center. Let’s put a body on it. We’ll say that’s the body
and the top half is the mind. And we’ll bring it down
here to work with it. See, there you’ve got your conscious mind,then you have your sub-conscious mind,and then the instrument of the mind,because that’s what the body is. And the body moves into
action and produces results. The body acts according
to the vibration it’s in. Now this may sound a
little out of the box,but stay with me, and I
guarantee you’ll understand it. If I can learn it, you certainly can. Now, not only are we
getting the results we got,but we also have a picture
in our mind, a dream. We’ve got this beautiful
star that we wanna shoot at. And you see, that dream is up there, but it’s up there,and it’s on a different level. It’s an invisible world. It’s where only one
person can see it, you. Only one person can see it, me. Earl Nightingale put it very well. I spent five years working with Earl. It was a marvelous experience. He said “This great dream,this surging dynamic
invisible to all the world,except to the person who holds it,is responsible for every
great advance of human kind. “Now, you see, this is the world we relate to down here. This is the visible
world, the physical world. And we live through our senses. We go by what we see,
hear, smell, taste, touch. We get a report card, and we
let the report card tell uswhat kind of students we are. We graduate from school,and the report card
becomes the balance sheetor the bank account. Let’s understand that
anything we see outsidewas originated inside. That’s right. Now, it’s the space here
that we wanna close. We wanna understand how
to close that space. How do we go from where we
are to where we wanna be?That’s a rather interesting question. You see, this is where the attraction starts. It starts here in the non-physical world. Now, this is a mind game. You must understand the mindif you’re really gonna make it happen. And when you study this
and start to understand it,then you attract according
to the vibration you’re in,and you’ll start to understand that. You control the vibration. Your brain is the electronic
switching station. As you activate brain cells,you alter the vibration you’re in. As you alter the vibrationyou alter what you attract into your life. So do you see,you’ve gotta understand how
to control the vibration. And you can do that,
and I’m gonna show you. I’m gonna give you a quick lesson in it. And when you get it,
everything will change. Way back in 1934,the same year that Semyon Kirlianperfected the form of photography,where you can photograph massand you can photograph
energy leaving the body,there was doctor down
in San Antonio, Texas,Dr. Thurman Fleet. He wanted to understand the mind,and then he wanted to
understand paradigms. Paradigm is a mind program. It’s a program in your subconscious mindthat’s controlling your behavior. Think of this for a moment. You already know how to do
better than you’re doing. But you’re not doing it. Everybody does. See, the part of our
mind that knows things,and the part that controls our behavior,two different parts. That’s right. Let’s talk about your part,
your mind, and your paradigm. The paradigm is the programmingin the subconscious mind
that controls our behavior. Now, Fleet understood this,and he was very much into holistic health,and very much into metaphysics,and he said, nobody’s ever seen the mind. The mind is an activity, it’s not a thing. And no one’s ever seen it. He said, I am going to
eliminate confusion. I am going to make a picture of the mind. And he drew a picture. He says, just use your imagination,and this becomes the mind. Now look at that. Do you know that this is
the most magnificent ideaI’ve ever come across?In 55 years of studying ideas,I’ve got a beautiful library here. I have another one in the house,I’m in my studio right now. And we take and we tug that circle,and we draw a line across. And we say that’s the conscious mind,that’s the subconscious mind,and then there’s the body. Now I want you to really play with this. That is without question the most valuableidea I’ve ever learned. Leland Bell Vanderwaal, who’s
gone now, God bless him,he shared that with me. See, I had been studying,with no formal education,
no business experience,my income went from nothingto over a million dollars a year. I was cleaning offices,I just wanted to earn some extra money. But I started to use this information,and the business started to grow. I was living in England, and I wondered:how did I do this?I knew that I wasn’t that smart. I’d been raised to believe,if you’re gonna earn a lot of money,you’ve gotta be really smart. I wasn’t that smart, but I
was earning a lot of money. I was raised to believe if you don’t havea good formal education
you’ll never get a good job. Well I didn’t have any formal education,I had two months high school. I didn’t have a good
job, I owned the company. I did not believe that there wasan emotionally capricious
God that reached outand blessed me, and I
didn’t think I was lucky. So I made up my mind,I was going to figure out why I changed. And I started to study. And I never stopped. I was living in Chicago,
I left my businessand I went to work with Earl
Nightingale and Lloyd Conan. Because I knew that they knew
something I wanted to know. And I was working there
and somebody told meabout a guy in Vancouver,
British Columbia. So I jumped on a plane and off I went. Soon as he opened his mouth, like that,I knew he knew what he was talking about. When the meeting was over,
it was a couple of days,I went and asked him, I said, can I spenda couple of hours with you?And I remember him looking at his watch,and he’s saying “I’d like to
spend a couple hours with you,but I gotta catch a plane. “I said “I gotta catch a plane too,but I don’t mean right now. “He says “where you going?”I say “I’m going home. “He says “where do you live?”and I said “Chicago. “Well he said “what are
you doing out here?”I said “I come out to hear you speak. “I think he was impressed thatI flew so far to listen to him. He said “I’m not going
to be in Chicago any timein the near future, but I’m
going to be in Toronto. “And I said “I’m actually from Toronto,I’ll come over there and see
ya, it’s only an hour away. “And so I flew over. The two of us sat down,
which was gonna be fora couple of hours, we were
there for about three days. And he started to show
me things about the mind. Everything I had studied
for over ten years,was all coming together. And if you follow what I’m teaching,if you really listen to what I’m saying,everything you’ve studied
is gonna come together. So let’s take a look at this. There’s the drawing, and we’ll saythere’s the conscious, the
subconscious, and the body. Now, the conscious mind
is your thinking mind. That’s the part of you that thinks. That’s also what we call
the educated mind, okay?This is where the intellect is resident. Now the intellect is something most peopledon’t understand. We should, but we don’t. We’ve got intellectual factors,we have these higher faculties,I’ll talk about them in a minute. We are not taught to use them. We are taught to go by what we see, hear,smell, taste and touch. We are trained, literally trained,as little kids at home and then in school,to let the outside world control us. We are programmed, genetically,
the moment of conception. See all mum’s DNA and all
dad’s DNA comes together,becomes your DNA, my DNA. And then 280 days later, we
make our debut on the planetand we’re programmed from outside. Now listen, our subconscious
works quite differentthan the conscious mind. The subconscious is our emotional mind. Now, you’re gonna wanna
learn more about this,and we certainly teach a lot about it,I’m just going over this
so you’ll understandthis Law of Attraction. Now we’ve got the ability to think,we can think anything we want. Every great leader that has ever livedhas been in complete unanimous
agreement on this one point. You and I become what we think about. They’ve disagreed on
virtually everything else. Because we have that ability
to think, we can choose. Now go back to the thinking, for a moment. Viktor Frankl wrote a marvelous book,Man’s Search for Meaning. He was a Jewish psychiatrist
that spent the war yearsin a concentration camp. He said that no one,
regardless of the intellectualor physical abuse he’s subjected to,no one could cause him to think somethinghe didn’t want to think. See, that’s where we have
the ability to choose. We have the ability to accept or rejecteverything we hear. Everything we hear on
TV or the newspapers,or everything you overhear orsomething somebody tells us. And if we reject the information,we have the ability within usto originate new information. Now all that is true
in the conscious mind,accept or reject. Not on the subconscious. Your subconscious mind
must accept everythingthat’s given to it. And that’s the universal
mind, that’s what controlsthe vibration you’re in. Whatever information you impress,you must accept, it has
no ability to reject. Now think of this. Your subconscious mind
cannot differentiatebetween what’s real and what’s imagined. Whatever you impress,
whether you imagine it,whether you hear it, read it,if you get emotionally involved in it,it’s real. Now that’s pretty wild
when you think about it. You see, it’s what you
impress upon the subconsciousthat controls the vibration you’re in. The vibration you’re in,is the frequency that you’re operating on. If you are operating on
a negative frequency,you’re gonna feel bad. Feeling is a word we inventedto describe our conscious awarenessof the vibration we’re in. We all vibrate. We’re on a level of vibration. Become tuned in to your own feelings,become aware of what is happening. If you don’t feel good, you
have the ability just like thatto alter the vibration you’re in. You can change the ideas in your mind,and when you do that,
everything in your life changes. Now let’s look at this for a moment. This is rather interesting. Albert Einstein said
something pretty interesting. He said that “Everything is energy. And that’s all there is to it. “He said “Match the frequency
of the reality you want,and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not a philosophy,
this is physics. “”Match the frequency of
the reality you want. “Now what do science and theology teach us?Nothing’s created or destroyed. So everything’s already here. You see, Jobs and his
engineers just had to get onthe frequency that this was on. And we have it. Look at what I’m doing right now. Do you know, I am here, in my studio. And this studio is something
that I built in my mind. It was a dream I had. I was sitting out under an
umbrella one summer day,and I looked into my backyard
and I started to builda picture of this studio. Well you know, today I have a studio here,where I can operate four
cameras at the same time. Everything that I’m recording
is streaming into a computerin another room, different
room than I’m in. I have all the lights here,
I have everything I want. The man that’s running this
computer right now for meis in Phoenix, Arizona. Joshua Carr, he’s our IT guy. He’s a genius when it comes to this stuff. But he’s in Phoenix. We have a lady that is watching me do thison her computer in Dallas, Texas. Mykie Stiller, who’s
in charge of creative,is in Dallas, Texas, and
she’s watching me do this. Now I had done this yesterday. I’ve actually done it twice. But she made some
suggestions of alterationsthat I might make in the
presentation that would help youunderstand this better. And so I rewrote it, I
changed it, didn’t rewrite it,I just altered the whole plan,and I said I’ll do it over again. Because I liked her suggestions. She’s watching this in Dallas, Texas,there’s just a little, I don’t
know, ten-second delay on it. But she’s in Dallas watching it,Josh is in Phoenix watching it,and I believe Sandy Gallagher,
my business partner,is in Sun Valley, Idaho, in her condo,and she’s watching me do this here. We will take, when this is finished,and distribute it all over the world. Now I had the image of
building this studiowhere I can broadcast just
like a mini television set. I can broadcast all over
the world from this studio. Now there’s a train not too far from here. I didn’t want any sound,
I didn’t want a trainor something outside, a plane going over,interrupt what I was doing. So this is what we call a floating cell. They built the building, and
then they built a buildinginside the building. The building is soundproof. It’s all built, it was an
image I had in my mind. I found the people to do it. What did we do?We change energy into energy. Now I want you to think:Match the frequency of
the good you desire. Remember I said build
a dream in your mind?Well now we’re going to geta little more serious about this. Let’s look at this. You are a mass of energy. And you function on frequencies. You are literally a mass of energy. You are. And you function on frequencies. Now I want you to let
lines, horizontal lines,represent the frequency. That represents you and you’re
in a high speed of vibration. Now think of this for a moment. A frequency is a level of vibration, okay?Let’s go back. There you are, you’re in
a high speed of vibration. Now you change your vibration,and the color and the
density of that energyleaving your body will change. You can cause it to change color,and it will go a long way
out if the energy’s strong. Okay?A frequency is a level of vibration. The good that you desire
is on a frequency. That’s what Einstein
said: match the frequencyof the reality you want. Now think of this for a moment. There are literally an
infinite number of frequencies. There is no end to them. So look at it here. We see all of these
lines, and we’re gonna saythey all represent frequencies, okay?There’s an infinite number. Just stop and think of
the number of frequencieswe got, that’s what a phone number is. It’s a frequency. It’s how you tune in on their frequency. You have to have my number
to tune in on my frequency. This is being broadcast on a frequency. Now here’s something we
really wanna understand. Every frequency, or everyone, is connectedto the one above and the one below. They’re connected like
the colors of the rainbow. There’s no line of
demarcation where one stops,and the other starts. Now you may be saying, well,what’s this go to do with my dream?It’s got everything to do with your dream. If you have been stuck, if
you have had a difficult timealtering your income, if
you had a difficult timeattracting into your life the relationshipor the business that you want,it’s because you’re on
the wrong frequency. And you’re using the wrong tools,you’re going by what you see,
hear, smell, taste, touch. Look at what Einstein said. He said the intuitive
mind is a sacred gift. The rational mind is a faithful servant. This is so true. We’ve created a society
that honors the servantand has forgotten the gift. What is the gift?Your higher faculties. You have perception,
memory, imagination, reason,intuition and the will. These are all high mental tools. Through imagination we can zip ourselvesonto a higher frequency. We just use our imagination
and build a pictureof the good we want. And then we hold that
picture with our will. The will is what gives
us the idea to focus. To concentrate. When President John Kennedy
asked Dr Wernher Von Braunwhat it would take to build a rocket thatwould carry man to the
moon and bring him backsafely to Earth, von Braun
said: “The will to do it. “In other words, you’ve gotta see itand hold the picture in your mind,you will attract everything you need. That’s just the way it works. You’ve got these higher faculties,we wanna learn how to use them. It’s a beautiful concept,it’s an absolutely beautiful concept. Now I want you to let that
X represent where you are. The X represents where
you are in your life. Take an honest look at
where you are in your lifeand you can see how you got there. Take a look at the income you earn. Now you know people that are earninga lot more money than you and they’renowhere near as bright as you. You know them. You know people that have built
very successful businessesand they don’t seem anywhere
near as smart as you. I was talking to Brian
Sidorsky on the phone. He’s built a very
multi-million dollar business. And he wants me to work with him,to go to the worldthrough junior achievement, the JCs. They’re all over the world. And I said, I’d be glad to. We’re gonna share this information. Now think. Let’s think
of this for a moment. Where you are, you know how you got there,because you can look back,
you can connect the dotslooking back. Let each one of those
lines represent levelsof vibration or levels of awareness. And you know how you got there. You can just see all the
footsteps that took youfrom one place to the other. You know how you got there. Then you think of your dream. And the dream is out there in space,and you have no idea how
you’re gonna get there. Now when we were little kids,we’d go to our parents or our guardians:’Mommy, Daddy I want. . . ‘And they were busy and they’d say,’Aw, how you gonna get that?’And of course we didn’t know
how we were gonna get it. ‘Why don’t you be satisfied
with what you’ve got?’You should never be satisfied,dissatisfaction is a creative state. It was dissatisfaction that gave usthe incandescent light,it was dissatisfaction that gave us thismeans of communication. But we grew up with the
idea: if you can’t get it,forget it. And so 90-some per cent of the populationhave forgotten it, and
we just let the dream go. But here’s what you wanna know. If you can see it, in your head,you can hold it in your hand. Because that is the frequency. Match the frequency of
the good you desire. Now stay with me. You may wanna watch this
video tape 100 times. Until this really sinks
in, and through repetitionyou’ll say ‘oh, now I see. ‘Now stay with me, look here for a moment. The moment your belief
matches with any state,you fuse with it. And this union results in the activation,projection of the plots
and plans and conditionsand circumstances. The moment your belief –
when you understand this,our belief system is
based upon our evaluationof something. And frequently if we
re-evaluate a situation,our belief about it will change. Through watching this,
through the repetitionof watching what I’m going through here,you’ll change your belief about yourself. That’s how I changed my belief. I’ve never stopped studying, for 55 years. The moment your belief
matches with any state,you fuse with it. Well, there’s the state
you wanna fuse with. That’s where the dream
is, that’s a frequency. There is a place. You can use that, you
can get your imagination,you can go there, you see?The moment your belief
matches with any stateyou fuse with it. You become one with it,
it becomes one with you. And this union results in the activationand projection of its
plots, plans, conditionsand circumstance. When you change your vibration,everything in your world changes. This new state of conscious awarenessbecomes your home from
which you view the world. This new state of
conscious awareness becomesyour home, from which you view the world. You’re there in your imagination,and that’s how you see
it, that’s how you see it. It’s such a beautiful concept. It is your workshop,
and, if you’re observant,you will see outer reality
shaping itself uponthe model of your imagination. Isn’t that beautiful?It is your workshop, that’s where it is. This new state of consciousness
becomes your home. From which you view the world. It is your workshop,
and if you’re observant,you’ll see the outer
reality shaping itselfupon the model of your imagination. Now watch, this is so important. Just stay with me, stay with me. When you move onto a higher frequency,you will be communicating with a worldtotally foreign to and beyond
the reach of your five senses. It’s a different world. You cannot communicate there
with your sensory factors. Nobody’s ever done it before. You’re dealing with the
unseen, you’re dealingat a creative level. You’re not gonna figure this
out with your intellect,you’re gonna have to use your intuition,you’re gonna have to follow your feeling. See, intuition is that mental facultythat picks up vibration. You asked a question, the answer’s there. That’s the Law of Polarity. This whole universe operates by law. On Page 109, that I told you to download,download the book and read
it, there’s a quote thereby Wernher Von Braun, I
quoted him in The Secret. He said the natural laws of this universeare so precise we don’t
have any difficultybuilding spaceships,
sending people to the moon,and we can time the
landing with the precisionof a fraction of a second, see?When you move onto a higher frequency,you’re dealing in a different realm. The people you’re mixing
with don’t understand you. They’re gonna tell you you’re crazy, see?Do you know, if you go back far enough,I think it was Samuel
Morse, was taken beforethe United States Congress by some of hisgood supporters,and they tried to get
$30,000 for him to build some wiresdown around Maryland where
he could stop and startthe flow of energy and he
was gonna show how you couldcommunicate through wires. Morse Code. It helped to win the Second
World War, by the way. He had a senator stand
up in Congress and saythey’d be further ahead
to give someone $30,000to build a railroad to the Moon. He got more support than Sam Morse got. People didn’t understand,
didn’t understand. What was the problem?Ignorance, not knowing. Now, Sam Morse did a
little better than Marconi. When Marconi suggested he
was going to send a messageto one place to the other, he wasn’t evengoing to use any wires,he was just going to send it throughthe medium of the
molecule, on a frequency. They had him checked out
in a mental institution. Now, both of them did
better than Gordiano Bruno,who back around 1600, he was
spreading Copericus’s theorywho said that this ball wasn’t the centerof the whole scene of things. They burnt poor old Gordy at the stake. Listen. All down through history,whenever a person makes a breakthrough,in their immediate environment,the people think they’ve gone crazy. Well let’s look here for a moment. There you are there,
there’s the conscious mind. The subconscious. That’s where your intellect is. That’s where you get what you want. And then you have the subconscious mind,and the subconscious
mind, you must understand,is where the paradigm is. And of course you have the bodywhich is the instrument of the mind. Now, the Law of Attraction
is always working,it’s always working. The Law of Attraction, though,
responds to the paradigm. What do we mean by that?Well the paradigm, the
program, is what controlsthe vibration that your mind-body’s in. And it’s the vibration
you’re in that dictateswhat you attract. What we have to do, if
we wanna change things,we’ve gotta take and make a new paradigm. We’ve gotta shift the paradigm. I’m reading a book right now,with Sandy Gallagher,
on changing paradigms,paradigm shift. When you do that, then
the whole world changes,then you’re operating with a new paradigm,and you start to attract new things. Now look here for a moment,
this is rather interesting. There’s the drawing,
okay, there’s the drawing. We’ll put the horizontal
line across, okay. And we’ve got the body. Now the body is really the instrument. Here on the conscious level, it’s yourimaginative mind, that’s
where the imagination,that’s where you go onto
that higher frequency. It’s beautiful the way it happens. Here you have the universal mind. That’s your subconscious mind. The conscious mind is
the imaginative mind,the subconscious is the universal mind. Now the body is the
instrument of the mind. It is actually the instrument of the mind. And we’ve gotta understand that. Now, our imagination, there’s a powerflowing into our consciousness. And through our imagination
we build the imageof what we want. This is the dream, I see what I want. And I’ve got this beautiful dream. I impress it upon the
subconscious and it turns intoa desire. See you don’t get what you want,you get what you desire. Wattles pointed out in The
Science of Getting Richthat “Desire is the effort of
the unexpressed possibilitywithin, seeking expression
without through your actions. “Well that desire is expressed throughthe instrument of the body,because it changes the
vibration the body’s in. The vibration cause you to
act, and the action sets upan attraction. And it’s the action-attraction
that alters the results. Now think what we’re saying here. The desire alters the vibration. The vibration changes the action. The action sets up an attraction. And that’s what changes the results. Do you see, the Law of
Attraction works intellectually,your intellectual mind,
you’ll start attractingmore thoughts on that frequency. It operates on an emotional level,you start to attract more energy,you move into a higher vibration. And, of course, it changes
everything on the physical level. It’s pretty interesting, isn’t it?Now, remember what we said?Don’t go for that goal, get up here. Build the big picture. Now let’s go back where we left off. Remember when we let that go?We don’t wanna let it go. Because we can fill it in. We can literally fill it in. Now the man that made these
iPhones and everything,Steve Jobs, he was pretty tuned in. He was pretty tuned in, he had a big goal,and he said, look at this:”You can’t connect the
dots looking forward. You can only connect
them looking backwards. So you have to trust that
the dots will somehowconnect in the future. “And if you understand
the Law of Vibration,if you stay on the frequency,if you hold the dream in your mind,and you don’t let the
outside world control you,you will attract everything that you need,and that space will fill in,
and the way will be shown. I believe that was written in the Bible. And when you get there, here’s
what you wanna understand. You could’ve gone there. Isn’t that a beautiful concept?You could’ve gone there. Do you see, you and I
have only one problem. Ignorance. We don’t understand. You watch this often enough,
you’re gonna get a gripon the Law of Vibration,
it’s gonna change your lifelike night and day. It put me in this studio, it’s helpedearn millions of dollars. I’ll be 82 my next
birthday, I have more energythan most people at 22. I have no intentions of slowing down. I’ve got this globe in
front of me to remind me,we are building an organization
all over the world. And if you wanna work with us,if you wanna do what we’re doing,you just let us know. Because we got a great
business opportunity,we are teaching and facilitating
this all over the world. Do you know, that the only
thing that slows us down,we’re only limited by
weakness of attention,and poverty of imagination. Wow, that is so good. Weakness of attention,
poverty of imagination. Subscribe to Youtube, where we are,because we’re gonna make
a lot of these videos,and we’ll send them to you. If you’re on our list, like
that, when you get them,they’ll come to you. There’s a certain group
of people automaticallyget these as soon as I do
them, we send them out. We’re not selling these,
we’re giving them away. I want you, to understand
what I understand. I’ve had an absolutely phenomenal life,along with my business
partner we’ve built aphenomenal company. We operate in over 100 countries. We haven’t even started. We’re gonna build this so big. We have a phenomenal team
of people in our company. We have attracted some of
the most beautiful peopleyou’ll ever wanna meet. You know, it’s a funny thing. I have made two or three versions of this,but I keep altering it and fixing it. I was in a super-mall, or
a mall, the other night,couple of nights ago,and my wife was buying some cosmeticsand I was just sort of
hanging around waiting. And this woman, I could
see her circling around,she was pushing a stroller. And she come over and she said:”Do you know who you look like?”I said “no, who do I look like?””You just look like Bob
Proctor,” and I said”Really? That’s because I am Bob Proctor. “She says “You’re not Bob Proctor,”and I said “No, I’m Bob Proctor. “She says “Show me your identification. “Well I couldn’t get over it,I thought this woman
was a cop or something. So I thought I’d humor her,
I took out a credit cardand showed it. She was going a little nuts. Her name was Shelley. And so I’ve asked Joshua
to send Shelley this video. She loves studying our material. So Shelley, you, and all
the rest of the peoplein the world that love our material,God bless you. We wanna keep it coming, and we want youto keep studying it. We want to expand the
thinking of everybody. But clearly understand:
the Law of Vibration. When you understand the Law of Vibration,your whole world will expand. This is Bob Proctor, thank you. Check us out at
proctorgallagherinstitute. comfor tips, tools and resources.

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