HEAVEN: Stories of People Who Died & Came Back!

Audience: SR: Hello! Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world,
where it’s naturally supernatural! My guestwas an agnostic engineer that studied over
1,000 people for 35 years that had near-deathexperiences. Some saw Heaven; some saw Hell.
Now he challenges anyone, anywhere to disbelievein life after death, after examining his research.
Next on “It’s Supernatural!”Audience:
Announcer: Is there a supernatural dimension?
A world beyond the one we know? Can we tapinto ancient secrets of the supernatural?
Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven?Is God ready to bring a tsunami wave of healing
onto planet Earth today? Sid Roth has spentover 40 years researching the strange world
of the supernatural. Join Sid for this editionof “It’s Supernatural!”
Audience: SR: Well, you know I see NDE, near-death experiences,
more and more. What is your definition ofa near-death experience, John?
JB: Well, it’s when someone has a clinicaldeath, like their heart actually stops and
then they’re resuscitated. In some cases,their brainwaves stop.
SR: Um hmm. JB: Um, they’re dead, but modern medicine
resuscitates them. In some cases, they’reon the verge of death, but what’s common is
they come back and talk about their experienceof a life beyond this life. I interview, I
interviewed doctors, bank presidents, collegeprofessors, commercial airline pilots, pastors,
little kids, people of all socioeconomic backgrounds,and yet they’re consistent! There are commonalities
of what they say! And that’s what I was tryingto do, writing “Imagine Heaven”, is tie them
together with what the Bible has already toldus! And you see a picture unfold before you
of the life to come. SR: You know what the thing that just literally
blew me away, and after talking with you Iknow you too, people born blind! Well, tell
me about Vicky. JB: Yeah. Yeah, so in “Imagine Heaven” I take
about 100 of the 1,000 or so near death experiencesI studied, and I, and I’m showing through
their eyes what happened, and how it fitswith the Bible. But the ones, there are about
3 in there, of blind people. And I think thisis one of the things that have has convinced
skeptics definitely convinced me: The blindpeople see! So when they die, like Vicky,
um she was in an auto accident. She had beenblind from birth, never seen.
SR: Um hmm. JB: She leaves her body and this is common,
then she’s looking down at the site of theaccident, um, and later she’s taken to the
hospital. And then she’s above the hospitalbed, and she doesn’t know what it is she’s
experiencing, she doesn’t have words for it. And then she notices there’s a ring on this
body of this girl she’s looking at and it’sher ring! and she recognized it. And she has
long hair, so she recognizes, “I must be dead”,she didn’t know. Because you feel, they say,
more alive than you’ve ever felt before! Sothis is this is not less real, this is more
real, than what we experience here. She’staken then through a, she didn’t know what
to call it, there was light, and color, andthen suddenly none. She comes out on this pastoral like garden
area of beautiful grass and trees andflowers, and a vast number of people. And
all the people, and even the flowers and theleaves and everything was shining with this
light, but the light didn’t shine on things. It came out of everything! And she said the
light was also love. And so it was like love,and light, and life coming out of everything.
Now what’s fascinating to me is that blindpeople consistently say what sighted people
say, that the light of Heaven comes out ofeverything! Now how would a blind person ever
get that idea? You wouldn’t hear it here. Light shines on things, not out of things,
right? And commonly, people talk about thiswelcoming committee of their friends, or relatives,
or others who had gone on before. Vicky, shegrew up in in a home for blind children,
SR: Um hmm. JB: and there were two girls, Debbie
and Diane, who had died at 9 and age 11. SR: Hmm.
JB: She sees them, and they hug, they recognizeeach other. She said they were in their prime,
and they were whole and healthy. And thenshe sees Jesus, and He is brighter than any
of them, filled with love. She hugs Him. Thehug, she said, was unlike any hug you’ve
ever experienced. She describes Him like wewould see Jesus! And then and then Jesus tells
her, “It’s not your time yet. You must goback”, and she goes back. And what’s fascinating,
she was able to see Debbie and Diane and herself,but she didn’t see that, because she was blind,
and yet she was able to explain it, and thehousemother verified it.
Audience: Wow. JB: In chapter 2 of “Imagine Heaven”, I write
about skeptical doctors in the afterlife,of what convinced so many skeptical oncologists,
cardiologists, that I studied or that I interviewed,was that many people, when they die, they’ll
be above the operating table. Like one doctorI interviewed, Dr. Sabum said this one patient
was above the operating table when their heartstopped during surgery, and noticed that the
other surgeon there had failed to wear scuffsover his white shoes, and described the shoes.
Another patient was having um, had a brainaneurysm. They drained their entire body of
all blood, stopped the brainwaves, coveredthe eyes, put clickers in there to make sure
there were no senses, at all. And yet, she’sabove the table, and is able to describe what
went wrong with the procedure, and how they hadto put something in her artery in her leg,
could describe the saw that looked more likea toothbrush with a socket set, she said,
not what you would think of a saw toSR: How do these doctors –
JB: Again, ISR: How do they – Wait, they have no grid for this!JB: Well, and this has been written up in
the Journal of the American Medical Association,SR: Huh!
JB: in Europe’s most prestigious medicaljournal, The Lancet, 900 scholarly publications!
And so, there is incredible evidence thatthere is, in fact, life after death! But what
I find even more fascinating is when you look,everyone is a bit different, and they all
have their interpretation of it, because truly,it’s an experience of life beyond our dimensions.
There are there’s beauty, there are mountains,and trees, and flowers, but all of it, they
say, they experience not with 5 senses, morelike with 50 senses!
Audience: SR: Hmh!
JB: What I’ve come to believe is that thisexperience is the shadow of the real thing.
SR: Now we have it reversed! Most of us hangon to Earth,
JB: Right!SR: for dear life! But we should be hanging
onto HeavenAudience:
JB: Yeah!SR: for dear life!
JB: Exactly!SR: You know what I’d like to find out, when
we come back, there are so many and this is the greatest apologetic that there
is a Heaven, the Bible is true, Jesus is real!JB: Um hmm.
SR: By interviewing some 1,000 people, hefound patterns of things that almost all the
people had, which then give us real insightinto what Heaven is like. Do you want to find
out a few more of these?Audience:
JB: SR: Be right back.
ANNOUNCER: We will be right back to”It’s Supernatural!”Hello YouTube mishpochah!Mishpochah is a Hebrew word; it means family. This is Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural!If you’ve been blessed by this show,
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SR: Now, I’ve interviewed many people thathave medically died, and gone to Heaven.
But you have interviewed so many, that youhave found certain commonalities.
JB: For 35 years I’ve studied the Bible, andI’ve studied these experiences, and and I
want to show that these are like dots of coloron the bigger picture that the Bible’s given
us all along. And that’s the picture we’vegot to hold to, because any one experience
can be interpreted many different ways, andthey are! But when you listen to what’s reported,
commonly, people will leave their body, theyhave a body, they still are fully themselves,
more alive than they’ve ever felt, but theyare able to observe, for a little bit, what’s
going on on the scene of their accident, orwhatever it might have been, and then they’re
taken! They don’t know if it’s they some saythrough a tunnel, some say down a path. There
are different ways of explaining it. SR: Do they experience, when they’re hovering,
let’s say, over their body, do they experiencefear?
JB: No. SR: Good!
JB: Not no!Audience:
JB: I mean, generally, it’s a peace like you’venever known before, but they come to a place,
and different people see different parts. So it’s kind of like if you landed a hundred
people across you know, North Carolina, andthen gave them 5 minutes there and said describe
it. Well, they would all describe differentbits, but you could start to piece it together,
and that’s what I try to doSR: Um hmm.
JB: in the book, “Imagine Heaven”, is piecetogether the picture of what they’re saying.
SR: Right. JB: And what I’ve found fascinating is how
many talked about people in these white robes,but what I discovered is they’re not white
robes like we’re talking about, they’re actuallytranslucent. And the reason they’re white
is it lets, I believe, the Glory of God shinethrough!
SR: Hmh. JB: Maybe the amount of light and love of
Jesus that we allow to shine through us now,expands our capacity to experience the life
and love and light of God shining throughus there!
SR: Now, why is it that just about everyoneI’ve interviewed, that has had this type of
experience, did not want to come back?Audience:
JB: Well, because it’s the lifewe were created for.
Audience: JB: This life is a temporary journey. We are
finite, we are confined totime and space here! But Jesus said it, He
said, “I am going to prepare a place for you,and I will come back and get you, and you
will”, “There are many dwelling places inMy Father’s Home,” “and we will always be
together”! And we will eat, and we will drink!There will be feasts! There will be – its life!
It’s not less life, it’s more life than we’veever imagined!
SR: Aren’t you a little worried when peopleread your book and find out how wonderful
Heaven is,JB:
SR: and how verified it is, they’re goingto want to cut out of this life?
Audience: JB: I I actually
SR: JB: No! I really actually am! And I would
say that if you read and you have that thought,you’ve got to remember what God said to almost
everyone: it’s not your time, I still haveplans have for you.
Audience: JB: And we should never short circuit God’s
plan. SR: Tell me, what are our bodies like in Heaven?
What if you go there with pain in your body?What if you go there with cancer in your body?
JB: Consistently, um, you know several peopleI write about had loved ones. One, um, a guy
named Gary had a friend who was decapitatedin an auto accident, and he said one of the
most wonderful things was as he’s coming upto the entrance of the gate of the New Jerusalem,
out comes his friend John, happy, whole, healthierthan he’s ever seen, gives him a big hug.
And God appointed John to take him on a tourof the city. Our welcoming committee kind
ofSR: But
JB: introduces us!SR: what about the head?
JB: Yeah, he had a head. SR: He had a head? Okay.
Audience: SR: I was just checking, you know!
JB: I thought that was impliedin whole and healthy,
Audience: SR: Okay, okay!
JB: but maybe not. SR:
Audience: SR: How about families?
JB: Yeah! I mean it is the greatest reunionwe’ve ever had. And and you know they
SR: They all get along?JB: Yeah.
Audience: SR:
JB: Well so, I write about that! I write about that. You know, one of the commonalities is our
communication is perfect, meaningSR: Hmh.
JB: um, we speak to one another in completethoughts, emotions, we understand each other
perfectly!SR: I’m told we don’t actually speak words,
it’s like spirit to spirit. JB: Right, but we can speak words!
SR: Okay. JB: And in fact, we sing songs! One of the
fascinating things about the music of Heaven,you know where Paul said things, “Eye hath
not seen” we should talk about the colorsof Heaven but, “ear has not heard” the music
of Heaven. Like Betty Malz talked about howum, she heard all these songs, all in different
languages, but she understood all of it. DonPiper, a pastor who’s a friend of mine, said
it was like listening to a thousand songsfrom Bach to Queen, all at the same time,
and yet perfectly harmonized. Audience: Wow.
SR: Hmh. JB: It’s music in a new dimension! So we’re
talking about life, and this is what you needto understand: There’s adventure! There are
mountains to climb! There’s travel that’snot limited! So Captain Dale Black, the airline
pilot who died, I have a picture of the plane,in the L. A. Times. Everyone died in the crash,
he resuscitated. But isn’t it just like God. God has him flying into the New Jerusalem
above, and he describes the beauty, very muchlike John did in Revelation 21. These grand
mountains behind, but he noticed they weresnowcapped, which is fascinating, I hadn’t
heard that. SR: Hmh.
JB: And the city wall that stretched sideto side for he couldn’t he couldn’t see how
far. And and the beautiful landscape of Paradiseoutside the wall, of the grass and the trees,
and he heard waterfalls and fountains. Andand this city with homes, with architecture
that was he couldn’t even describe it in words. There was something supernatural about the
architecture, he even said. And so you hearwhat they have to say, and what I try to do
is show how they show from different anglesexactly what the Bible has been telling us
all along! Colors. They commonly say colors,like you don’t have here on Earth, so spectacular.
That makes perfect sense! The color we seeis from the spectrum of the light of the sun.
SR: Right. JB: The color there is the spectrum of the
light of God!Audience!
JB: Far beyond anything we’ve ever seen!SR: Yeah! You can’t you can’t not in the same
JB: Yeah!SR: I’ll tell you what, when we come back,
there’s just so many things to talk about,but the most fascinating thing that you talk
about is he calls it a life review! Did youknow every one of us is going to get a life
review? Be right back. ANNOUNCER: We will be right back to
“It’s Supernatural!” ANNOUNCER: We now return to
“It’s Supernatural!”Audience: SR: John, tell me just one life experience
that had quite an impact on the person andon you.
JB: One man I interviewed was an atheist collegeprofessor, um, who was taking a group of students
on a tour of museums in Paris. His lower duodenumruptured. Usually within 5 hours you die.
There was no surgeon on call in the hospital. After 9 hours, he was in the most pain he’s
ever been in. He passed. But what he findsis, he’s standing beside the bed. He thought
when you die, it’s like unplug the computer,lights out. But he found himself standing
by the bedside, and felt more alive than hehad ever felt before. He felt great! One minute
he feels the worst he’s ever felt, then hefeels great! Now here’s what’s fascinating.
You know, time and space and distance workdifferent on the other side. So he’s confused,
he thinks he’s still alive. And he’s tryingto get his wife’s attention, but of course,
he can’t. SR: Right.
JB: Well, a group of people are standingin the hallway of the hospital. He can’t
quite see them, and they say, “Howard, comewith us. ” And he and he thinks they’re the
hospital staff taking him to get surgery finally,and he follows them. And make a long story
short, I write the full thing in “ImagineHeaven”, but they lead him to an, outer darkness,
just like what Jesus talked about. SR: Mhm.
JB: And he starts to realize, “They’re deceivingme”, and he tries to go back, and they turn,
and they maul him. And he said he was layingthere, and he doesn’t know if it was an eternity,
or how long, thinking about his life. Andhe had not been a good man. He had he had
committed adultery on his wife, he had beenself-centered, and all these things, and he
realized, “I deserve this. ” And in that moment,a song came into his mind from when a neighbor
had taken him to church, as a kid, “JesusLoves Me”, couldn’t even remember the rest
of the tune, and something inside of him justcried out, “Enough! Jesus, if You’re real,
save me!” And a pinpoint of light begins,and comes into this darkness. Ends up this
brilliance brighter than the sun, hands reachout, pick him up and hold him, as he sobs
like a baby, realizing, “This man I have cursedmy whole life is real!”
Audience: Yeah. JB: And there in the presence of Angels, gives
Howard a life review. Audience:
SR: Hmh!JB: Well one more thing. Howard, after that
life review, comes back, after 2 years leaveshis tenured college professorship, becomes
a pastor. His wife is still an atheist, shedivorces him, but he’s been pastor ever since.
Audience: JB: Truly I mean the Damascus road.
SR: You know, so he had this life review,we’re going back to that. What is a life review?
JB: Yeah, this is another commonality. That,in the presence of Jesus, He replays their
lives for them. Now, what’s interesting isum, it’s like a panoramic revisiting your
life, but from the perspective not only ofyourself, but the people you interact with.
And what’s interesting, like Howard said toJesus, “You’re skipping the most important
part of my life, you know, when I got thisgreat award for artist of the year, and professor
of the year”, and Jesus said, “That’s notwhat’s important. ” He said, “I want to show
you the students”, and He showed him how heinteracted with the students, and what was
going on in his mind, and what was going onin the students’ heart. And he shows us how
our interactions – he shows us what Jesus said:Even when you give a little cup of cold water
to a child, it matters! Every act of kindnessripples throughout humanity, but then our
negative things ripple throughout humanityas well. And you know one of the things that
confounds me, quite honestly, is that somecome back, in the presence of this God of
love they never want to leave, but they don’tseek Him.
Audience: Hmh. SR: That’s hard to believe.
JB: But others come back, and they seek Him,and they discover He’s Jesus, and they give
their hearts to Him. Audience:
JB: And in the latter chapters of “ImagineHeaven” I talk about rewards in Heaven, because
I think I think it is so misunderstood. Youknow, even that life review, that is not judgment.
It’s just what Jesus said, that there is nomotive or thought or deed that won’t be laid
bare. But it that’s that should not scareus! He already sees everything. It’s all laid
bare right now! Well, it, we think we canhide from God, we can’t hide from God, we’re
only hiding from ourselves. But here’s thething: “There is no condemnation for
those in Christ Jesus”, and He wants us toknow that now.
SR: You know what, you have said enough,JB:
SR: that you should give your life to God,right now.
Audience: JB: Hmh.
SR: That’s what you should do. As of now, live for Heaven, and bring
Heaven on Earth!Audience:
JB: Absolutely.

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