David R Hawkins ~ Just Hold It In Mind

To finish the phenomenaof enlightenment, then, is really almost like a finish. It’s a finish. It’s not a going-after, it’s not a doing-this, it is not a performance. It’s a way of being, that being’s pulled to you. So the answer to a thing is found not by asking a question. The answer to a thing is found by holding something in mind. You just hold it in mind, you see?It’s like you’re supplicating infinite wisdom. It’s like you’re– coming from supplication. You’re coming from a humility. Your humility is a way of being in the world. It’s not an artificiality. You hold in mindbeauty of all things. Beauty of all things. You see the beauty of all things. So you just hold in mind the knowingnessthat intrinsic to all that exists is a beauty of stunning-stunning beauty, stunning. You can’t look at anything and still function. It’s really hard. Everything, the beauty of it. The texture, the geometric form, the intention. The allness of it shines forth becausenothing comes into existenceexcept by virtue of divinity. Therefore, within the manifest, which is what you’re witnessing, is the unmanifest,which radiates forth the presence of divinity. And when you first see it, you just go ‘pow!’You’re lookin’ at God. God expressed in form, yeah!So people look at form. They don’t see the beauty,they don’t sense the presence within,and they’re busy looking for God someplace. It’s right there, eh?So that is an awareness that is-that happens of its own. But you’reyou’re seeing beauty as one of the attributes of God,beauty like love are the attributes of God, thento love all that exists is simple because one seesthe exquisite beauty of all that exists. It’s very hard to let go of a nice old piece of wood. I’ve got lots of them around the place! Boxes of nice old pieces of woodthat are so aged and twisted sort of- and like-This little piece of wood just lays thereall sorta crumpled up and- Fifty years of rain, etcetera. And it’s just almost impossible to throw it out. Because, you see, the intrinsic beauty of all that exists. So out of this way of being in the world,faithfulness is automatic. Loyalty is automatic. All these qualities are automatic. You don’t have to pursue thembecause your attitude towards that which is beautiful is benign. It’s benign. It’s benign. You see the intrinsic value of all that exists. Therefore, all these other things,being diplomatic, trying to be diplomatic and not hurt other peoples’ feelings,all these come out of the way of being in the world. The way of the. . . To see the sacredness of all of life in all of its expressions, then,is a way of seeing it. So you don’t get it by asking a question,because a question is already a linearity. What you’re looking for is a non-linear understandingness, comprehension, awareness. The minute you ask a question, you just put it into the limitation of form. Now you’re talking a dualistic ego kind of language. “God, what does so-and-so mean?”What do you expect, a voice to come out of the heavens and says,”It means you’re no good, kid. ” No. Because when you hold something in mind,the knowingness comes out of the purusha within. The presence of divinity within. The all-knowingness within. Then, like, illuminates the understanding effortlessly. And it’s not different than something that is already within you. It’s not an ‘otherness’ coming to a ‘this-ness. ‘ Which is a dualistic way of holding it in mind and limits the phenomena. You become all these things. You becomethat which is positive, pleasant, sensible,grateful for all of life, protective towards that which is weak. The strong protect the weak. The weak savage the weak. The back alleys, they savage the weak. They savage the weak. Savage the women, the children, the dogs,and the skinny ectomorphs.

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