Are you scared of change? – Motivational video [Feat Peter Dinklage]

Ever tried, Ever failed. . No matter, try again, fail again, fail betterI had so many dream of where I wanted to go, who I wanted to be and what I wanted to doYou have your own story to tell?Feeder companies, I wanted to start with classmatesMovies I wanted to be in, directors I wanted to work with, stories Ineeded to tellyouI packed the life that I knew with socks and toothbrushinto my backpackAnd I slept on couch after couch after couch after couch at friend’s apartment in New YorkUntil I wore out the rent paid-maintenance welcomeI didn’t want a day job. I was an actor. I was a writer. I had to get a day jobI dusted piano piano store on Buzz’s Street for five monthsI worked on the property of a shakespearean scholar for a year plane weeds and removing Visa. went on unemploymentOnce but for not for long I coudnt handle the guiltEventually was able to pay rent for a spot on the floor of an apartment on the other sideBut my roommate had to break down and I helped hanging paintings at paintings that inspire inspire you to think I could do thatand thenfinallyAfter two years job and couch surfing got a jobIn application processAs a data enter, at a place called professional examination servicesAnd I stayed for six years six yearsFrom the age of 23 to 29 while they loved me there I was funny ISmoked in the loading docks with the guys from the mailroom, and we shared how hungover we all were. Called them sick almost every Friday because I was that late the night before I hated that job and I clung to that jobBecause of that job I could afford my own placeMy dream of running a theater company with my friend and fellow, Bennington Graduate Ian Bell had diedI had only the one window IMyself could not look out the window. It was it was quite high no occasionwhen I was 29I told myself the next acting job I get. No matter what it came. I will go onfor better or worseBe working actorbut something good happened, Got a low-paying theater job in a play called imperfect loveWhich led a film called 13 moons with the same writer?Which led to other roles which led to other roles, and I’ve worked as an actor ever since I?Didn’t know that would happenat 29 walking away from Data processing was terrifiedTen years in a place without six years of a job some stuff him, maybe I was afraid of changeAre you?But this made me very hungry literallyI couldn’t be lazyI couldn’t beandSo a 29 in a very long last I was in the company of the actors and and directors thought of that first yearThat first dayafter school IWas I by their stuff raise the rest of your life to meet you?Don’t search for defining moment because they will never comeThe moment that define you have already happened, and they will already happen againAnd passes so quickly, so please bring each other along with youYou you just get a bit derailedBut soon something starts to happen trust me the rhythm sets inJust try not to wait until me. You’re 29 before you find itAnd if you are that’s fine, too some of us never find itBut you will I promise you you are already hereYou’ll find your rhythm or continue the one you have already foundDon’t wait until they tell you you ready get in thereThe world might say you are not allowed to yet, I?Waited a long out in the world before gave myself permission to Please don’t even bother askingDon’t bother telling the world you are ready show it do itWhat it Beckett say?ever tried ever failedNo matter try againfail againfail betterWe burn very brightly please don’t ever stopThe World is yoursTreat everyone Kindly and light up the nightMaybe I was afraid of change are you?you

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