Ahh Meditation Guru of Wayne Dyer on The Power of Intention

Many people have asked me to comment on Wayne
Dyer’s latest book “The Power of Intention”. Dyer himself has made it clear that it is
not about Ego centric intention. By Intentionhe means the intention of God and the need
to clean up one’s intention to harmonizewith the intention of the divine. It’s a
very complicated issue. Jesus was faced withthe problem of his intention versus God’s
intention. He didn’t want to die but ifit is God’s intention to die,
he would die. Billy Graham was giving a talkat the White House after 9/11. The question
it the intention of God to destroy the WorldTrade Centre, didn’t He know about this,
he said that there is no way you can answerthis question you have to fall back at the
feet of the lord to figure it out. So thereare a lot of philosophical ramifications that
go along with intention but what I want tosay is intentions whether it is human or divine,
do manifest. Bin laden wanted to destroy theWorld Trade Centre 10 years prior to 9/11,
he made an attempt, a failed attempt and then10 years later he succeeded. During that time
he held that intention constantly. So Intentionsdo manifest, In fact the whole world is the
manifestation of the intention of God. A humanbeing is a mini God because God created man
in his own image. He is a co-creator withGod. Without intention you cannot manifest
at all. You will de-manifest everything inyour life if you don’t have any intention.
So it’s important to have intentions, goalsbut the problem is there is a time lag between
the intention and its manifestation. It isnot a new thing; it is not a new age teaching.
The Yogis and the Siddhas have followed thisprinciple in their life and then there is
great amount of techniques and literatureon how intentions become material manifestations.
For instance your intentions won’t manifestquick but if you have a Guru to manifest for
you, he will do it in a relatively short periodof time because he has a step up transformer
within himself. There is also another device;this is practiced in India even today. You
just can go and hire somebody to hold yourintention and then he will go and use a specific
way of holding your intention and saying itmentally or in a meditation or even out aloud
1008 times a day for 45 days and that intentionmanifestation is an excepted practice there.
Or you can appeal to a God or an Angel becausethey live in a different time dimension and
they can manifest easily for you. Or thereare devices like using certain geometrical
figures like a Christmas star that can carryyour intention too. So these are some of the
devices and then your ancestors, your forefatherswho are dead and who are in another dimension
like your grandfather or great grandfatheror grandmother or great great grandmother,
they can help you in the manifestation ofintention as well. So the key issue is intentions
do manifest but then you have to find thedevices to accelerate the process of manifestation
by dealing with time in a very efficient way. So the whole idea that intentions do manifest
is literally true. These are my comments.

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