Why I Started My Self-Improvement Journey

Why I started my self improvement journey.

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tell us your backstory when was thepoint you began your own self change you
got it so the high school I went to hada very interesting tradition the
graduating class would host a sort ofbattle royale the month before we all
graduated and this was way beforeFortnight and PUBG were even a thing
now the rules were pretty simple you hadto pay five dollars to join and it was
winner-take-allhowever the game would only last about
two weeks so in the case that there wasmore than one survivor at the very end
the prize pool would be split everysingle day you would receive a text
message from the game master he wouldtell you who your target of the day was
this was the person that you had a huntdown and kill not physically with a
knife alright all you had to do was markthem on their skin with a marker which
was pretty funny because the battleroyale took place in the summer so he
had people showing up to school in90-degree weather with hoodies and
jackets on now there were a couple ofother rules number one you were not
allowed to skip school or cut classes ifyou were caught doing so you’d be
disqualified number two you were immunewhile in class this was to prevent the
game from interfering with actualschoolwork
number three if you killed someone yournew target would be their target
so if Sam killed Ben and Ben’s targetwith Shelly Sam’s new target would be
Shelly number four if you killed threepeople in the span of 24 hours you would
gain immunity which meant nobody couldtouch you for 24 hours so that was the
more aggressive strategy hunt down threepeople and you could relax
number five you had to kill at least oneperson throughout the game this would
prevent people from playing to passivelybut that was it you only had to kill one
person and finally number six you wereallowed to kill the person who was
hunting you only problem was you didn’tknow who it was
so you either had to set up like a sortof spy now where I can find out from
your friends who was after you or youwould have to dodge your assailants
first strike and strike back so a largechunk of the graduating class signed up
for the Battle Royale I don’t rememberthe exact numbers but we had like a good
two 300 people participating which meantthe price pool was pretty big especially
for a bunch of high school kids soeveryone took it very very seriously the
first couple of days were crazy peoplewere dying left and right
every couple of hours you would get atext message about who just got killed
how many people were remaining and whowas immune for the day people were even
hunting each other down outside ofschool I remember taking the subway and
seeing two kids in hoodies slashing ateach other with markers on the train now
I got lucky on the second day my targetwas this girl that I had class with I
don’t even think she took the gameseriously because she showed up in a
normal shirt she wasn’t worried at allso right after class I just walked up
behind her / she marked her neck andthat was that I got my first kill by the
end of the third day there were onlylike 50 people left now my strategy was
simple I figured because I had alreadygotten my one kill I just had to play
passively to win there was no point ingoing out of my way to hunt down my new
targets in the hopes of getting thatimmunity bonus it was just too risky so
I played it safe I went straight toclass I kept all my books on me so I
didn’t have to go to my locker I skippedlunch which wasn’t that hard because the
school lunch was pretty bad and duringmy free periods I would hide out on the
first floor where almost nobody everwent so the first week went by and there
were only like 30 people left and oneday I remember taking the stairs out of
the first floor to go to my next classand I get stopped by this girl this was
a girl that I had shared a couple ofclasses with throughout my four years in
high school she looked at me and askeddo you know who Richard is and I thought
to myself wow that’s that that’s me hertarget is probably me hmm wow I’m so
lucky she doesn’t remember who I am soof course I was like nope sorry can’t
help you and I quickly walked away forthe rest of the week I basically did the
same thing I stuck to my strategy and Iplayed extremely passively and then the
game was over there were four survivorsand I was one of them I felt great I had
actually won a real-life battle royaleso the game master sends out a text
congratulating all the winners and heasks us to meet up with him so he could
give us the prize money so I went I gotlike 200 bucks and the game master
looked at me and was like oh so you’reRichard yeah man it’s crazy people
couldn’t figure out who you were andthat’s when I realized I won the Battle
Royale not because I played it safeor because of my amazing strategy I won
because people genuinely did not knowwho I was and these were people that I
had shared classes with for four yearsand that struck a chord with me I
thought about my high school career andI realized just how pathetic and sad it
waspeople always say high school supposed
to be one of the best periods of yourlife I don’t necessarily believe that
but still high school should have been abetter experience than what I went
through see all I did was hang out thesame 4 or 5 friends never joined any
real clubs I never went out of my way tomeet any new people instead I would just
go straight home after classes and playvideo games all night long I had crushes
on so many girls throughout the yearsbut I never had the balls to ask any of
them out instead I spent my free timehooked on porn jerking off like 2 or 3
times a day I cruised through school Iwould just copy homework and barely pass
my classes I didn’t give a damn about myfuture I knew my parents wanted me to go
to college so I applied to the onecollege that everyone applied to because
you were basically guaranteed to get inI was so broke that I would literally
sit there and watch my friends eatwhenever we went out and if there were
any leftovers they would give it to meall in all I was a loser on nobody my
high school career was so uneventfulthat I was practically invisible but by
pure chance right after I graduated fromhigh school during that summer break
before I headed off to college I cameacross something that would change my
life foreversee I was browsing a forum for a game
that I was basically addicted to and Icame across a thread where someone
mentioned self-improvement and theyprovided a link to a self-improvement
forum now before this I had never heardof the concept I genuinely thought that
people were just born the way they wereand that we were stuck this way till we
died I thought the successful popularkids were just lucky having been blessed
with good lucks charisma motivation andall that good stuff but as I browsed
this forum I came across story afterstory about people who had strikingly
similar backgrounds as me losers andnobodies but they would all talk about
how they were able to completely changetheir life around
all because of self-development allbecause of a couple of books they would
read and a couple of habits they wouldbuild and I was immediately hooked I
remember staying up all night just bingereading as many
these posts as possible and that’s whatI realized that I could do this too
it doesn’t sound too complicated sure itsounds like hard work but if it was
possible to change my life thatdrastically then it would all be worth
it and that’s when I decided that Iwould embark on a self-development
journey and the rest is well well letthat’s a story for another day I hope
this answers your question Tony if youwant to be featured in our next episode
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