The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale (Law of Attraction)

I but to tell you about the strangest
secret in the world the secretsome years ago the late Nobel
prize-winning doctor albert schweitzerwas being interviewed in london is a
reporter asked himdoctor what’s wrong with me and today
the radar to reserve a moment too manysaid the secrethim simply don’t think it’s about thisthat I want to talk with you we have
today in a golden age this is a mirrorthat man is look forward to dream go to
work toward for thousands of yearsbut since it’s here we pretty well take
it for granted we’ve America Europeparticularly fortunate to live in a rich
history and that ever existed on theface of the earthforever but England opportunity for
everyonebut you know what happens were 600
Ministereven at the age of 24 I do you have any
idea what will happen to those men withbitterness sixty-thirdthese 100 menu all-star even that the
225 believe they’re going to besuccessful the secretif you ask really what are these really
wanted to be a success he did he didyou notice it he was eager toward life
that there was a certain the secretsparkle in his eye any witness to risk a
region life seemed like a prettyinteresting adventure touringbut by the time they’re 65 onewill be rich 4 will be financially
independent5 will still be working 54will be broke take a moment out of the
100 only five make the gradeknow why do so many 30 what has happened
to the sparkle it was there when theywere twenty bridewhat’s become a big dreams I hope so
plans and why is there such a largedisparity between what these men
intended to doin what they actually accomplished when
we see about 5 percent achieve successwe have to define successand here’s the best definition I’ve
never been able to find successis the progressive realization bubble
with the idealif a man is working toward a
pre-determined goal and knows where he’sgoing that man is a successif he’s not doing that he’s a failure
success is the progress in realizationbub on worthy ideal Romay the
distinguished psychiatrist wrote awonderful book calledman’s search for himself and in this
book he saysthe opposite of courage in our society
is not cowardiceit is conformity in there you have the
trouble todayits conformity people acting like
everyone else without knowing whywithout knowing where they’re goingI think a bit in America right now
they’re over8 p. m. million people 65 years of age
and older the secretin most urban are broke they’re
dependent the secreton someone else for life mississippi’s
elementary but the time was serving withhim to make a living but a 225 usually
but at a time when are we making aliving or supporting a familyand the above the game were 65 we have
learned how to become financiallyindependentin the richest way and that has never
been known waywe can form a and the trouble is a
working with the wrong person whichgroup they may be right who don’t
succeedwhy do these people conform where we
really don’t knowthese people believe that there was a
shipper circumstances butthings that happened to them but
exterior forces fearouter directed people a survey was made
one time that covered a lot of menworking in these men were asked where do
you workwhen you get up in the morning 1920had no idea if US criminal 0everyone goes to work in the morning ms
the reason they do it because everyoneelse is doing itbut was your back to a definition of
success who succeedsthe only person who succeeds is the
person who is progressively we arerisinga worthy ideal is a person who saysI’m going to become this ’em then begins
to work toward that goalI’ll tell you the successful people are
their success is the school teachersteaching school because that’s where he
or shewants to do the success is the woman is
away from mother because she wanted tobecome a working mother the secretis doing a good job of it this success
is a man who runs the corner gas stationbecause that was his dream that’s what
he wanted to dothe success is the successful salesman
who want to become a top much saleswould grow and build his organizationhis successes everyone who is doing
deliberatelya pre-determined job because that’s what
he decided to dodeliberately but only 10 to 20 years
with that’s why today thereisn’t really any competition unless we
make it for z/osinstead of competing all we have to do
iscreate in over 20 years over to the key
which would determine what would happento a human beingwas there a key I wanted to know which
would make the future a promise that wecould foretell to a large extentwas Ricky that would guarantee a
person’s becoming successful if you onlyknew about itthen you how to use it well there is
such a key and I found ithave you ever wondered why so many men
work so hard upon the Sri without everachieving anything in particularand others don’t seem to work already
yes seem to get everythingthey seem to have it Meggie church you
produce it at about seven everything hetouches turns to golddid you ever noticed a man to become
successful teams to continue to becomesuccessfuland on the other hand you know to store
manager failure games to continue tofailwell it’s because I’m goals Somerset
goalsjohn told people with goals succeed
because they know where they’re going the secretit’s that simple thank you for Shipley
the harbor and take it with a completeorigin and getting blamedcaptivity crude or reject the words or
you know how long it’ll takeit has a definite go than 9,999 times
out of ten thousandit will get to where it started out to
get by mistake a membershipjust like a first only does not put a
crew under chapter for whomrescue but no im in point no gold
restoration we just start the engine letit goI think you’ll agree with me that if it
gets into the harbor ofthe readers single wind up on some
deserted beach a better lookit can’t go any place because it has no
destination node Aidensit was the same with a human being take
a salesman for examplethere’s no other person in the world
today with the future have a goodsalesmanshowing is the world’s highest-paid
profession if we’re good at itand if we know where we’re going every
company needs tonot salesman and the reward those men
the sky’s the limit for thembut how many can you find someone once
said the human race is fixednot to prevent the strong women but to
prevent the weekfrom using the American economy today
can be likened to a convoy NK beforethe entire economy is slow down to
protect its weakest linkjust as the convoy had to go to speed it
would reduce your stress or emailinformationthat’s why it’s so easy to make a living
today it takes no particular brains aretrying to make a living a supportive
family to rateso we have a platter also call security
official rivers is looking forbut we do have to decide how hi above
this plateau we want to waitdollars get back to the strangest secret
in the world a story that I wanted totell you todaywhen two men with goals succeed in life
and then without them for youwell let me tell you something which if
you really understand it will alter yourlifeimmediately if you understand completely
what I’m going to tell you from thismoment on your life will never be the
same againyou suddenly find it good luck there
seems to be a jerk to dothe things you want just seemed fall in
line informality whatever problems theworries itknowing all the buildings are a beer
perhaps you’ve experienced beforedoubt fear will be things in the pastis the key to success and the key to
failurewe become what we think aboutlet me say that again we becomewhat we think about through a little
history the grade wise men and teachersphilosophers and profits have disagreed
with one another on many differentthingsis only on this one point that they’re
incompleten unanimous agreement was lowered Marcus
Aurelius Rodrigo membershipa man’s life is what his thoughts make
it israelis are theirseverything comes over me and will only
wait I brought my sober long meditationto the conviction that a human being
would assert our purpose you mustaccomplish itand that nothing can resist a will that
will stick even existencefor its fulfilment Ralph Waldo Emerson
sugarsa man is what he thinks about all day
long the secretWilliam James said the greatest
discovery of my generationis that human beings can alter their own
irisby altering their attributes but my end
he also saidwe need only in cold blood at as if the
thing in question worry yourand it will become infallibly real by
growing into such a connection with herlifethat it will become real it will become
so Nick with Habitat the motionthat are interest in it will be those
which characterize beliefthe also said if you only care about it
for a resultyou almost certainly appeal it if you
wish to be richhe will be rich if you wish to be heard
you will be alertedif you wish to be good you’ll be good
only you must in really wish thesethings in which the exclusivelynot we should be seen going together
incompatible things just as stronglyin the Bible you read more at 9:23 is
okay just for youall things are possible to him that
believethwell-protected Norman Vincent Peale put
it this waythis is one of the greatest floors in
the universe fervently do I wish Idiscovered it as a very young manit dawned upon me much later in life an
iPhone to be one of the greatestis not my greatest discovery outside my
relationship to Godthe great blog reveals simply stated is
that if you thinkin negative terms you will get negative
resultsif you think in positive terms you will
achieve positive resultsthat is a simple fact he went on to say
which is at the basesastonishing law prosperity and successin three words believe them succeedWilliam Shakespeare but it is wat are
doubts are traitors and make us lose thegood we oft might win by fearing to
attemptGeorge Bernard Shaw said people are
always bringing their circumstances willappearI don’t believe in circumstances the
people get on in this world to peopleget a new look for the circumstances
they wantand if they can find them make him where
is pretty apparent is itand every person to discover this for a
while believe that he was the first oneto work it outwe become what we think aboutit stands to reason that a person is
thinking about a concrete in worthwhilegoal is going to reach youbecause that’s what he’s thinking about
and we become what we think aboutcommercially the man who has no goal
doesn’t know where he’s going andwho saw she was there will be tortured
confusion anxiety and fear and worrybecause what he thinks about his life
becomes wanna frustration and fear andanxiety worryif he thinks about nothing he becomes
nothingbut how does it work why do we become
what we think aboutwell I’ll tell you how it works as far
as we know reading this I want totell you about a situation that
parallels the human mindsuppose a farmer has some weight and
it’s good for two layered by the way andgives performance choice the secrethere April in that way and whatever he
chooses go and doesn’t careis a performer to make the decision
remember working during the human mindwith the way and because the money right
away anddoesn’t care what you put into it it
will return what you paidthat he doesn’t care what you prayed
members say that the former has twoseats in the samewanna see the corn the others make sure
to deadly poisonhe digs to hold a mere three players
both 321 cornthe other night should it was a bit cold
waters and a share the landand what will happen invariably the rain
returned which pointedhe’d written in the Bible as you sow
share you reapthey remember their rendition care
return poisoning just really wonderfulabundance as we reportedshort term the two groups one corn one
poisonfor human mind is far more fertile for
more incredible a mysterious some morerain but it works the same wayit doesn’t care what we proved Sixers
failurethe concrete with where we’re going for
confusionmisunderstanding feared anxiety is
showingbut what we planned it must returned to
usis he the human mind is the last great
explored culturallyorders it contained riches beyond our
wildest dreams it will returnanything we want to pointthere you might say work that’s true I
don’t people use their minds morewhen I think that figure is a great way
to mine comes as standard equipment atbirth is free and things will be given
was for nothing replacesthere you are things that we pay money
for we dare youthe paradox is that exactly the reverse
is trueeverything we’ve really worth when we
might Cambridge freemerger soldier bodies our hopes our
dreams our ambitions are intelligenceare you have a family and children
crimson countryall these priceless possessions free the secretbut the things that cost us money are
actually very cheap and to be replacedat any timea good man can be completely wiped out
to make another fortune you can be thereseveral timeseven over home burned down we can
rebuild it but the things we good fornothingwe can never replace the human mind is
in use because we take it for grantedfamiliarity breeds contempt it could do
it he got a job we certainly do it butgenerally speaking we use it for a
little jobs is terribly importantuniversities approve it most was your
operating at about 10 percent for racialabilitiesto decide no what is it you wantprint your goal in your mind it’s the
most important decision you ever makein your entire life what is it you wantyou want to be an outstanding salesman a
better worker at your particular jobyou want to go places near complete in
your community you want to get richall you gotta do is plant that seed in
your mindcare for it work steadily toward your
goalthey will become a reality it not only
willthere’s no way that it cannot is thethat’s a law like the larger Sir Isaac
Newton’s laws of gravity if you get oncapitol building a jump of you always go
down you never go up it’s the same withall the other laws a majorthey always work their inflexible think
about your goal relaxedpositive way it yourself in your minds
are as having already achieved this goalsee yourself doing the things you will
be doing when you reach your goalpresident goalie feet above the doorway
GTG ulcers are you nervous breakdownsyou can call raisersat a time when medical research is
racist when you put it to good healthand longevity far too many others were
your shows it would be really greatcreditcope with things in our own little
personal wayswithout doing a few great laws will take
care of everything for usthese things we bring on our sales to
our a bitch your way of thinkingevery one of us is the sum total his own
thoughtsthe secrethe is where he is because that’s exactly
where he really wants to be whether youadmit they removeeach of us must really well for free to
this starts in the futurebecause what you think today tomorrow
next month the next yearwill mold your life and determine your
futureyour guided by your mind I remember when
I was driving through eastern ArizonaMay so when I was picturing a person
moving machines roaring along the roadabout 35 miles an hour with what looked
like32 adams appeared imminent a tremendous
Incredible Machineit was a little man Bridgeway dearborn
Cup with that we really say I wasgetting itit was a group alone I was struck by the
similarity that machine really humanwordjust suppose you’re sitting at the
controls researchers asked sources ofenergyare you gonna sit back and forth your
arms a murder run itself into a ditchare you going to keep both hands firmly
on the wheel in control and directorsproduce Pacificworkwear papers ship to youyou’re in the driver’s seat is either
very law that gives a success is atwo-edged swordwe must control were thinking the same
rule I can remember youally for success welfare because nobody
ever dreamed over it was over his familythat very same working really well
together is ordinary uses itfor good of a baby this is the strangest
secretin the world why do I see a strangerwhere do I go to the secret actually it
is a secret at allit was first promoted aggressively
earliest wiseman it appears again andagain throughout the Bible but very few
people have learned it understand itits latest reviews drivers are equally
strange reason it virtually remains asecretI believe that you could go out and
walked down the main street of youraccount to this one minute after another
with the secret to success isyou probably wouldn’t want to do when
minimum monthly couldthis information is she normally
valuable to us if we really understandit and abroadIsraeli border is not only for our own
lives with the lives of those around usour families employees associates the secret
improvesright should be exceeding adventure it
should never be a borethe man should be fully be around I’m he
should be glad to get outta bed in themorninghe should be doing a job he likes to do
because he does it willone time I heard growth parish in the
great late editor in chief for The toreveal daily bread maker speechreally concluded his speech he said
something I’ve never gottenhe said my years in the newspaper
business income this year several thingsamong them the people basically goodand that we came from some players then
we’re going someplaceso we should make our time here an
exciting adventurethe architect of the universe didn’t
build a stairwayleading nowhere the greatest teacher orthe Carpenters from the plains and
generally gave us a secret or even cameagainBeijing believe so shall it be doneand EUhave explained the strangest secret in
the world how it worksknown this I don’t want to explain how
you can prove yourself the enormousrichard is possible in your own lifethat putting the secret to a practical
test I want you to make it appears to bea rest30 days it isn’t going to be easy but if
you give it a good tryit will completely change your life for
the better the regularseventeenth-centurysure Isaac Newton the English
mathematician and natural philosophergave us the Metro laws of physics which
abrasion which the human beings have aduty to move into bodies in the universin one these large is that for every
actionthere is an equal and opposite reaction
serb restated as it approached you andme it means we can achieve nothingwithout paying the price the results of
your 30-day experiment will be in directproportion to the effort you put forthto be a doctor you estate appraisal on
years a difficult studyto be successful in selling to remember
the teacher succeed is to the extent ofhis ability to sellshowing her family’s own ideas selling
education in schoolsshowing our children. on the advantages
of living the good honest lifeshowing our associates and employees on
the important to beingexceptional people to work or speak
professional show yourself but to besuccessful in selling our way to the
good life we must be willingcould pay the price so what is that
price where which many thingsfirst understanding emotionally as well
as intellectuallythat we were literally become what we
think about it that we must controlnorth of the border control our livesits understanding fully that a she’s so
so shall you reapsecond is carried away or feathers from
the murderedintermediate this story it was divinely
designed to dois the realization that your limitations
are self-imposedand the opportunities for you today are
enormous beyond beliefis rising above narrow minded pettiness
and Prejudiceand third is using all your courage to
force yourself to think positively onyour own problemto set a definite and clearly defined
goals for yourself director marvelousmine think about your goal from all
possible anglesto let your imagination speculate freely
upon many different possible solutionsto refuse to believe there are any
circumstances sufficiently strong todefeat you in the accomplishment of your
papersto act promptly and decisively when your
course is cleargonna keep constantly aware of the fact
that you are at this momentstanding in the middle with your own
acres have died when his rhetoric andwill use the pointerand forth save at least 10 percentevery dollar you burn is also
remembering that no matter what yourpresent job it isenormous possibilities if you’re willing
to pay the priceministers will be important points in a
price each was misplayed to achieve thewonderful life you can be ours it is a
course worth any priceone you will become what do you think
aboutto remember the word imagination image
in my head begin to store3 courage concentrate on your goal
everydayfor save 10 percent of what you earn
inferredaction ideas are worthless in this weekGerman alternate outline the 30-day test
I want you to make you keep in mind thatyou have nothing to lose by making
mister mistereverything you could possibly want to
gain there are two things that may besaid everyoneeach was one something each risk is
afraid to somethingI want you to write on the card what it
is you wantmore than anything else it may be more
moneypressured by 2w in camera maker specific
amount of moneyit may be a beautiful home it may be
success at your jobit may be a particular position like it
could be a more harmonious familyfeatures want something the right down
on your card specifically what it is youwantmake sure it’s a single goal and clearly
defined you need to show it to anyone the secretbut carry it with you so that you can
look at it several times a daythink about a demerit cheerful relaxed
possibly way each morning when you getupimmediately years from the work force
from to get outta bed for something tolive forlook at every chance you get during the
day and just before going to bed atnighttreasurer Kevin remember that you must
become what you think about him sinceyou’re thinking about your goal you
realize too soon it will be yoursin fact issuers really them on which you
write it downcan begin to think about it look at the
abundance ofaround you as you go about your daily
business you have as much right to thisabundance as any other living creaturesis yours for the asking now we come to
the difficult part difficult because itis the formation abroad is probably
bring you have itthen you have written it is reformed
$1. 4 mil overit will follow you for the rest of your
life stop thinking about what it is youfearaddition to fear for their negative
thought the gym your consciousnessreplace it with a mental picture of your
parents even with logokirkum times when you feel like giving
up is easier for you would do anythingnegative even positive results were only
five percent researchers wereyou must begin now to place yourself in
that group for thirty days you must takecontrol of your mindit will think about only what you
permitted to be good each day becausethey did a testdo more than you have to do in addition
to maintaining a cheerful positiveoutlookgive yourself more than you’ve ever done
before do this knowing that your returnsin my eyes must be in direct proportion
to what you dothe moment you to set a goal to work
towardyou’re immediately a successful person
your than a minutecareer success in category of people who
know where they’re goingat every 100 people you belong to the
top fivedon’t concern yourself too much with how
you’re going to achieve your goal leaveit could take me to a power greater than
yourselfall you have to do is no where you’re
goingthe answers will come to you but their
own accord and at the right timeremember these words from the Sermon on
the Mount remember tomorrowkeep them constantly before you this
month on your testand ask and it shall be given you sheikinitial find not initially openedinto you for everyone met sq receiveit either secret funded the mid-marketit shall be opened is marvelous in a
simple as that the secretin fact it’s a simple dinner seemingly
complicated weird it’s difficult for anadult tounderstand it all we need is a purposeand faith for 30 days do your very bestif your salesman going to be you’ve
never done before not even a hecticfashion butwith a condom cheerful assurance that
time well spent will give you theabundance in return you deserve rewardyour home maker double 232 is to
completely giving up yourself withoutthinking about receiving anything in
returnyou’ll be amazed at the difference it
makes the right no matter what your jobdo is you’ve never done it before for 30
daysif you kept your goal before you every
day you wonder in moreover this you likeyoupornDorothea Brande the outstanding editor
and writer discredit yourself and tellus about your fine bookwake up and live the entire philosophy
is reduced to the wordsact as though it were impossible to fail
youshe made a road test with tertiary a
very different airline pushes you wantto go there were only six yearsno you make your test for 34 daysdoster jitters to give you made up your
mind to stick with ityou see by being persistent you’re
demonstrating faithfor systems is simply another word for
free if you didn’t have reviewed neverpressuresif you should clear your first 30 days
by that I mean suddenly find yourselfoverwhelmed bynegative charge you gotta start over
again from that point then go 30 moredaysgradually you have it will form injury
five years or whateverwonderful minority do virtually nothing
is impossibleand don’t forget the card it’s vitally
important as you begin this new way ofliving11 said it occurred write your goal
whatever it may beon the other side write the word
reported from a certain amountask and it should be given you sheik the secretinitial find not it should be openedinto you nothing great was ever
accomplished withoutinspiration she did during these crucial
first 30 days your own inspiration iskept to a peakand above all don’t worry worry brings
fear and fear scriptedthe only thing we can cause you to worry
do you to refuse to do it all yourselfknow that all you have to do is hold
your goal before youeverything else will take a richer
remember also to keep calm and cheerfulstill get paid the things you know are
you in get you of coursethis decision is this is difficult
emotionally why should I botherwhere look at the alternative no one
wants to be afraid you no one reallywants to be a mediocre individual no one
wants American history fair with yourYouTube feared restorationtherefore remember that you wish to reap
that which you soif you’re so negative thereof your life
will be filled with negative thingsif you show prices are your local
butcher for successful in positivegradually rather tendency to forget
where the word on this recordingpaid often keep reminding yourself what
you must do to go on this you have itgather your family around at regular
intervals are missing it was consideredyou know most men will tell you that
they want to make money withoutunderstanding the lawthe only people who make money working
amid the rest is mostearn money this is what causes those who
keep looking for something to do withyour free ride to Fremontthe only way to earn money is by
providing people withservices or products which are needed
and useful we exchange our time in ourproduct is shipped distributed
newsworthytherefore the lawyers that are permitted
to return will be in direct proportionto our servicesuccess is not to resort to making money
making moneyis the result is success their successes
in direct proportionworshipers most people have a small
backwardsthey believe it your success or your dad
moneythe truth is that you can only earn
money after your situationis like this jury matters have
reproduced or redistributedgive me he’d and generate the woodhow many men and women do you know where
usable here today to take the sameattitude toward lifethere are millions we’ve got to put the
few evenbefore we can expect pete likewise we’ve
got to be a serious firstbefore we can expect many don’t concern
yourself with the moneybe of service build work dreamcreate do there’s a new phone is no
limit to the prosperity and abundancewill come to youfresh 30-year was going to go to your
mutual exchangeevery person who contributes to the secret
Prestbury West Ashley incurred in somefrom danger Turnbull not come to closure
but it must come to you from someplacebecause restaurant for every actionthere is an equal and opposite reactionas you go daily to your 30-day disputed
remember that your success will alwaysbe measured data quality and quantityshould this you render and money is a
yardstickfor measuring the service no man can get
rich yourselfand messy and Richard others here no
exceptions to the malleven drive down any street america in
from your car estimate the servicesbeing rendered whether people living on
the streetdid you ever go to be sure to check
before it’s interestingsir Mike ministers and priests through
other devoted people measure the richerin a room with a spiritualit again be returned to equally share
this:which is yours truly understood any
thinking person can get his own fortunehe wants more he was being more serious
traditionally received his returnhe was yours years only to reduce your
service this is the priceyou must pay for what you want if you
believe you can enrich yourselfby diluting others you can and only by
deluding yourselfit may take some time but just as surely
as you breathe you’ll get back what youput outdon’t ever make a mistake in thinking
you can reproduce it’s impossiblethe prisons in the streets with the only
water filled with people who tried tomake new laws just for the videoswe may avoid the resume broo but you’re
a greater loss but cannot be brokenan outstanding medical doctors reported
at six steps will help you realizesuccessone set yourself a definite go togood running yourself down 3 stop
thinking about all the reasons why youcannot be successful and instead they do
all the reasons where you canfor treasure attitudes back to your
childrenand to discover we first got the idea
you could be successfuleffectuate a veggie 5 change the image
you have yourself by writing out adescription of the person you would like
to bem6 at the park the successful person you
have decided to be saidthe doctor who wrote those words is a
noted West Rocha Turkishyesterday with the Herald think do with
the experts since the dawn of recordedhistorytold you you must do pay the price by
becoming the person you want to comeisn’t nearly as difficult as reviewing
successfully make your 30-day testingrepeated and repeated againan Eastern it will become more reported
you do you want your YouTube every moveto the other wayyou have this new way in the floodgates
have opened in June open pore over youmore which is really a dream to just
readmoney year’s roster but there was more
importantyou have peace you be in that wonderful
minority who did come cheer forsuccessful writersscared to be you have nothing to lose
did you ever hear life to winthis year or next year and thank you

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