Guided Meditation – Blissful Deep Relaxation

You are about to embark on a guided meditation journeyover the next few minutesI will guide you into a deep state of relaxationwhere you will experiencea wonderfulcalmnessand meditative state of mindthis time is for youand you aloneyou don’t need to do anything, except relaxand allow yourself to have this timeyou may with to close your eyesor watch the screenor switch between bothit doesn’t matter whichjust do whatever feels right for youYou are completely in controland if at any time during the meditationyou wish to return to your awakened stateyou can do so simply by opening your eyesbreathe in deeplyexhale fullybreathe in deeplyexhale fullyallow the sound of the waves to calm your mindbreathe in deeplyexhale fullyyou may notice that thoughts and internal mental chatter are happening inside your mindthis is completely normalthese thoughts will begin to quiet downas you concentrate on listening to the sounds of the wavesas you listen to each wave coming inyou’ll find your mind gently begins to quietbreathe in deeplyexhale fullybreathing in cool, refreshing airexhaling hot, tense airbreathe in deeplyexhale fullyyou may wish to close your eyes nowas you begin to feel more and more relaxedallow the sounds of the ocesn to wash over youbringing you closer to the infinite source of energy within youallowing yourself to be in total peace with your surroundingsnow as you find yourself feeling more and more relaxed,I am going to count down from 5 to 0as I count each numberyou will feel more and more relaxeduntil you reach a sense of complete and wonderful relaxation5feeling more relaxed4allowing the sound of the waves to calm your mind3wonderfully relaxed2so deeply relaxed1your mind is calmzerofeel the wonderful sense of deep relaxationallow the sound of the waves to continue relaxing your whole bodytake a few moments to enjoy this wonderful experienceyou may wish to remain in this deeply relaxed state for a while after this recording has endedin which case, you don’t need to do anything right nowwhen you are ready to resume your day,simply take a few deep breaths and open your eyes

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