David R Hawkins ~ Nothing Happens By Accident

On the one hand, it’s humorousyou know, when you put it all together. And because all of it is humorous,if it was reality, it would be sad. But it’s not reality. And that’s why people come here, is to discoverwhat is real and what is not real. Each and every thing, then, fits together perfectly. The karmicdebt of the 30 children in the bus just got paid off. Bumped, right? So each thing is perfectly in accord with everything else. That which gets blown up had the karma of getting blown up,or it couldn’t have been blown up, right?Because nothing happens by accident. The infinite field of consciousness is likean infinite electrostatic magnetic field of infinite power. Each one that comes in has a karmic inheritanceof karmic patternwithin that infinite field. Then the karmic pattern can onlygo where the pattern takes it. An iron filing cannot defy a giant electromagnetic fieldof infinite power. An iron filing can’t say,”I decided I don’t wanna go this way. ” “I’ve decided I don’t want to go this way!” Noweach thing can only be, then, the fulfillmentof its own karmic propensity. And therefore, everything is in accord with everything elsein absolute perfection. To see imperfection, then, is a projection. The dance of Shiva. Then, how you see itis it terrible?Is it wonderful?Is it terrible?Is it wonderful?And if I want it!And if I don’t want it!It’s terrible!But I like it,it’s wonderful! That out there is–hasn’t moved at all, huh?It’s the same. So we become, then, the reflectionof that which we holdwith reverence. Therefore, to revere those qualitiesmeans you automatically, in due time, become them. That which you hold in mind. That which you worship, that which you deify,that is what you become. That’s what you reflect by choice. There’s an infinite filed of infinite frequencies and vibrationsthat accompany all these attitudes and viewsand emotions. So, what happens is that you become the automatic consequence,you become the reflection of the field. No longer a person. Stop thinking about yourself as a person or an identity. Because you aren’t that, anyway. You’re a karmic wind-up toy let loose a karmic wind-up toy let loosein a world of infinite possibilitiesand infinite gradations of energies. So you automatically float to the locus of maximum benefit. Each one is born under circumstances that are karmically perfect. Anybody got a resentment about the circumstances of your birth?Oh, you been to the lecture before, eh? Everybody. The circumstances of your birth are perfect. Whatever impairments you have, whatever the circumstances. They are the most propitious for your own karmic benefit. Sothat’s why self-pityis invalid. Because you don’t know it,but you’re born with a certain calibrated level of consciousnessunder circumstances that are most propitious for that.

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