Abraham Hicks – How to Give More POWER TO POSITIVE THOUGHTS

We are extremely pleased that you’re
here two things one is anything chronichow do you get rid of things that are
chronic you’ve asked a very pointedquestion because if it’s chronic you’re
aware of it it stays chronic because youkeep thinking about it so the answer is
don’t think about itso how you going to not think about
something that’s chronic well you’ve gotto find some ways
you got to meditate when you quiet yourmind you’re not thinking about it when
you’re sleeping at night you’re notthinking about it
so just calling it chronic it sort ofgives it power we have some chronic
sauce let us tell you some chronicthoughts that we have well-being abounds
and you are Source Energy in a physicalbody and you can be or do or have
anything that you want and law ofattraction is a real deal and you get
what you think about whether you want itor not and the release of chronic
thoughts these are things that we knowfor sure so the question isn’t whether I
should have a chronic thought or not thequestion is how does this chronic
thought feel and how does this chronicthought feel and the thing about a
chronic thought is that a chronicthought has a lot of momentum so you can
tell how you feel if it’s chronicthere’s a lot of momentum so if it’s
chronic and negative you know it if it’schronic and positive you know it and so
chronic is good not feeling so goodisn’t the question that we want to put
to you is do you deserve to feel goodit’s like you go to the buffet and here
are some beautiful vegetables and somelovely meats and some beautiful things
and then there’s a pile of ground glassand some dirt aren’t you pretty picky do
you say well I’m eating this lovely foodand I better eat some ground glass
because it’s just fairor do you leave the ground glass and
report them Noso can you choose among your thoughts
are you thinking your thoughts or youryour your thoughts thinking you I’m
thinking I thought yeah so are theresome chronic thoughts that you think
that are beneficial to you yes what aresome of them pretty regularly in a state
of flow constantly looking for betterthings and bigger things to do I look at
try and look at the best of thingsaround me as often as possible okay so
when you’re looking for the best ofthings around you that’s a chronic
thought worth keepingbut that chronic thought that says
always looking for something bigger andbetter that’s a lack for thought that’s
a dissatisfied with where I am thoughtand that’s a chronic thought that will
hold you in a holding pattern you wantto try to mold that into something that
feels better yes Esther sat with abeautiful young man the other night just
she and he went to dinner he’s 16 and hesaid I’m so eager about my life and
Esther said ptoo isn’t that’s the lovelyway to feel I’m so eager about my life
what a lovely thought to let be achronic thought so you know what you
want to do because you’re a powerfulthinker we can feel the intensity of
your focus you are really good focuserand what that means is momentum really
gets going for you want it or not andwhat you’re wanting to do is do a better
job of distinguishing earlier on whatinfluence you’re under as you start down
that thought path and then catch itearlier
don’t be freaky about it and don’t bemad at yourself if you get onto a
chronic thought that isn’t serving youjust take the bounce from it realize
that this thought doesn’t serve and saysomething like tomorrow I’m gonna do a
better job of getting out ahead of itand then quiet your mind you meditate
yes do you like that feeling ofdetachment and do I just stream to you
yes more and more and do you recognizeit
they come and can you feel that some ofthose thoughts that you’re calling
chronic thoughtsthat’s just streaming from an influence
that doesn’t serve youchronic thoughts like times are hard or
chronic thoughts like the economy isn’tdoing well what are some of the chronic
thoughts that you can feel are troublingfor you well one of them sometimes is
physical as well think about that themass consciousness believes in its
vulnerability and there’s a current orstrain because every thought that’s ever
been thought still exists so thosethoughts have been gathered together by
law of attraction and there is a streamof thought that when you get in the
vicinity you’re gonna pick it up solet’s call this something else let’s not
call this your chronic thought let’scall this your vibrational place that
hooks you in to that stream yes threemembers right here in this city
some years ago a canal flowing highbecause of the rain runoff and some
little kids were doing what they oftendid they were sitting on the concrete
bank of the canal just dangling theirfeet in the water and the water swept
them away they were rescued but thecurrent surprised them they didn’t
understand the velocity of it and doingwhat they had done many times was
different with this stream and so whenyou stick your toe in the water of some
thoughts that mass consciousness hasbeen thinking that don’t serve you don’t
be surprised that you get swept away inthem a little bit but pretty soon the
stream will let go of you and yo Bobback to the surface and you’ll sleep and
you’ll wake up and you’ll choose chronicthoughts that serve you better do you
believe in the well-being of this timein space I do do you acknowledge that
source is all over it do you sometimesthink when you get up in the morning of
the bigness and the wonderfulness ofyour earth spinning this orbit and all
that that means can you feel the hugemomentum of that you can’t even
contemplate thethat’s this has been happening and
therefore the continuum that you are onin that regard do you feel the warmth of
the Sun and the way it takes care ofthis planet do you realize that no new
seeds are being trucked in from otherplaces and yet there’s food on the
planetyou’re squabbling over it and pinching
it off and doing some things that arenot that wise about it but it’s still
growing and it’s still available andit’s not going away and it never will
don’t you like your atmosphere don’t youjust think it’s incredible
don’t you love gravity don’t you loveunderstanding the laws of that really
this world asking and this worldeconomics isn’t it a magnificent thing
can’t you feel the desire of the massesand the goodness that comes to that
desire can’t you feel the dominance ofthat and of course you could find some
pocket even a big pocket that isn’tallowing well-being but it’s your choice
about where you focus and you just wantto ask yourself what thoughts do I want
to be chronic in me do I want toacknowledge the well-being there’s
plenty of it we think it would be awonderful thing if the media and we’re
talking about all of it we’re talkingabout the movies and the books we’re
talking aboutthe news we’re talking about the
advertisements we’re talking about allof the stimuli that comes to you in all
the ways that it comes and let’s saythat it’s represented as you’re watching
some television and you’re watching itand all of a sudden there’s a little
thing that goes on your screen it’s justlike a little flash light and the salmon
goes yeah somebody says to you what wasthat and you say oh that represented all
the things that went wrong today foreverybodywouldn’t you like that to be your
chronic thought or do you want to breakthat down do you want to look at that
things you want to look at that subjectyou want to beat that subject to death
do you want to focus upon that and usethat and we’re not saying that it’s not
real and we’re not saying that you wantit and we’re not saying that you don’t
want it to be better because you dobecause every time you have a step one
moment about anything that goes wrong inyour world you
for something you asked for animprovement you are an uplifter and you
are doing your part in your observationof this world and putting your requests
but you gotta line up with what you areasking for for the world just like you
got to line up with what you are askingfor for yourself you got to make those
things that feel good your chronic saltsso let’s give a new label to the word
chronic you want to know what chronic ischronic is what your inner being knows
that’s longtime chronic that’s chronicbigger than you can even use the word
chronic that’s so chronic that when youget crossways of that you don’t feel
good when you don’t feel good it’sbecause you have departed for a moment
from who you really are and what youreally know about whatever the subject
is that you’re focused we have enjoyedthis day so much with youand we would like to say to you that we
are eager about your life there is greatlove here for you and for nowgood
I like it a lotyou

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